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We love creating meaningful brand experiences
that make a difference to people’s lives.


Are you dreaming of
building up a strong brand?

We will not only share your dream,
we will turn it into reality

Brand identity

Kiliwatch is a creative agency based in Sint-Truiden in Limburg that puts words into action. As an expert in brand activation, Kiliwatch can take your brand to the next level.

  • How can you best connect your brand to the consumer?
  • How can the consumer become your customer?
  • How can that customer become an ambassador for your brand?

At Kiliwatch, we can answer these questions for you.

Our creative agency pulls out all the stops to ensure your brand achieves top-of-mind awareness:

  • Promotions
  • Sampling and tasting
  • Mobile advertising
  • Flyers
  • Ads
  • Events
  • Design

We create the brand that matches your dreams. Or, even better: the brand that matches your customers’ dreams!



was not built
in a day.

branding agency

Building a strong brand is no easier, especially a brand that has the power to change things.

Branding Agency Kiliwatch will ensure that you are successful. We have our own, catchy way of doing things.

Doing what you like
is freedom.
Liking what you do
is happiness.


If there is one motto we would like to adopt as our own, it would be this one.

Here at Kiliwatch we don’t claim to be better, quicker or cleverer than the rest. We’re just mad about our work. We do what we love doing. That is why we can make all the difference for your brand. Add an overdose of creativity and a dash of know-how, and success for your brand is guaranteed!


Our 7 corporate values

are the foundation
of our vision.

A solid basis for the development of our creative agency and our team. We are not ashamed to call it our Kiliwatch corporate Bible. It’s with us when we get up, and it’s with us when we go to sleep. Well, almost.



At Kiliwatch we strive for a personal approach, and we invest in a relationship with our clients. We do not work with companies, we work with people.



Passion for our work. That's why our staff get the best results. Or, as Steve Jobs once put it nicely: "The only way to do great work is to love what you do."



We like to push our own boundaries, not those of others. That is why our work doesn’t pass by unnoticed. Challenge yourself and others will notice you.



A customer is not satisfied until the result has at least equalled his or her expectations. Maximum customer satisfaction, that is our objective.



The enthusiasm we have for our work is contagious. Working with Kiliwatch means having fun. And that is something we think is important: fun in work and life!



Sincere and honest. Remain true to our vision and philosophy. That characterises our approach, our staff and our agency.



Our customers come first. That's why we as a team put high-quality service at the centre of everything we do.


david thirion

David Thirion


+32 498 10 44 65

liesbeth poelmans

Liesbeth Poelmans

Senior Graphic Commander

+32 491 31 31 82

elke onclinx

Elke Onclinx

Graphic Officer

+32 496 12 42 78

bertrand delbrouck

Bertrand Delbrouck

Web Officer

+32 495 69 99 71

valerie le roi

Valerie Le Roi

Graphic Officer

+32 477 87 79 19

sofie strauven

Sofie Strauven

Project Officer

+32 498 52 59 53



Creative Agency
Minderbroedersstraat 20
3800 Sint-Truiden
+32 498 10 44 65

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